Being Careful and Lucky

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Being Careful and Lucky

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This is from the recent two-day Swiss Pairs Congress at the Nambucca Valley Bridge Club. I played with Pauly Griffin.

Match 5, board 1, nobody vulnerable. Due to a bidding misunderstanding with our unusual methods I am declaring 3NT with these cards:

♠ AJ8
♣ KQ

♠ 97
♣ 987

The 2 is led. How would you play?

It's important to note that the heart suit will block unless the J drops on the first two rounds. So you need to retain an entry to hand and win the diamond in dummy. Don't duck because a spade switch might be awkward.

I was pleased to see that RHO showed out at trick 2 when the K was cashed. Crossing to the A, taking the finesse, cashing dummy's last heart and giving up a club brought home 9 tricks while most declarers in 4 went down on the bad break.
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