Strong Two Clubs

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Strong Two Clubs

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Say you have this hand:

♠ A9
♣ KQ108

Good enough for 2♣?

I like the Bridge Bum site for answering questions like this one. It says you can open 2♣ if you are a trick short of game. I'd say this hand qualifies. If partner has as little as three hearts with either Q or K, game is a good bet while they would pass a 1 opening.

For responses to 2♣ the article describes three methods.

1. 2 "waiting" with 0-7 HCP.

2. 2 waiting with 4+ HCP, and 2 negative with 0-3 HCP.

3. Control-showing responses.

I prefer #1, and the article seems to mostly focus on that, especially in the descriptions of responder's rebids. Cheaper minor as a second negative seems useful but it will present a problem with this hand; what's your bid after 2♣ - 2 - 2 - 3♣? You're already too high with no known fit.

Playing #2, partner might respond 2 artificially and then you are stuck with your first natural bid at the 3-level.

#3 is not appealing because showing controls is for slam bidding whereas your immediate problem is finding a game if there is one.

For these reasons I will sometimes open such hands at the 1-level and hope somebody else bids.

Big Club systems have more promise for solving problems like this.
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