Mobile Phone Service for US Expats

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Mobile Phone Service for US Expats

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In the US we used Google Fi which worked well. It includes international roaming at the same US data rates, and that worked well for the first year and a half of our time in Australia.

But then there was email from Google saying they were going to cut off our data roaming due to the amount of time away from the US. So it was necessary to switch to an Australian SIM while somehow retaining access to our US phone numbers.

The Australian SIM is desirable anyway so that Australian friends, vendors and government agencies can reach us with a local number. For this we had resorted to a third mobile phone but that becomes awkward to share and a nuisance to carry around.

A happy solution was found. A Google Fi number can be ported to Google Voice, which is a free service. A Google Voice number can send and receive calls and texts via Google Hangouts, also free.

On the Australian side we chose Boost Mobile which is a prepaid cellular service using the Telstra network, which has the country's widest coverage. Boost rates are quite cheap. Monthly Boost plans can be set to auto-renew, though I chose a one-year plan for myself which was the best deal for my usage history.

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