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Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:11 am
by MsLucy
Just wanted to share something I noticed from our first days in Australia - children of all ages wear hats! In California I had a child care and preschool; I decided early on to make sure the little ones in my care would be as safe from the sun's harmful rays as possible. That meant each and every time we went outside (which was at least once a day, usually more often) every child, regardless of age, would join me in wearing a hat. The hats I provided had a brim and ear and neck flaps, to provide the best coverage.

In the 12+ years I had this business I honestly never met any other providers who were at all concerned about sun-safety, even after I shared the incredible information available on sun safety for preschoolers through the CDC (Centers for Disease). :(

Here in Australia, parents and schools really understand how essential it is for everyone, especially children, to get used to wearing hats when they're outdoors. Another plus for this country! :D