Opening Two of a Major

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Opening Two of a Major

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Muiderberg Two Bids seem to be common in Australia. I like them for their ability to annoy the opponents while allowing us to reach a sensible spot when partner happens to have a strong hand.

They show a two-suited hand where the suit opened is at least (and usually) five cards and the second suit is a minor and might be only four cards depending on vulnerability, opening position and perhaps other considerations. Strength is about 5-10 HCP and not good enough to open at the 1-level.

What I describe here is an extension of Muiderberg that allows opening with both majors. To untangle this when partner happens to have a strong hand, the rebids after a 2NT response are changed to the following:

3♣/    Minimum, natural
3      Minimum, both majors
3♠      Maximum, both majors, 5-4 pattern
3NT     Maximum with either minor (4 then asks: 4 = clubs, 4♠ = diamonds)
4♣/    Maximum, natural, 6-card minor
4      Maximum, both majors, 5-5 or better

When the rebid is 3NT and you happen to play Optional Minorwood, then you may instead bid 4♣ or 4 as a key card ask for that suit; here responder's first step means "that's not my minor", and asker's bid of the subsequent step means "then please answer for the other minor".

Another wrinkle is that after a 2 opening, the 2♠ response is now pass-or-correct and no longer promises a long spade suit.

As a general rule you don't want to correct to another suit unless holding a singleton or void in the opening major. Let the opponents guess what to do.
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