A 3NT Opening

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A 3NT Opening

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It's another Monday club game and you pick up this hand:

♠ AK6
♣ --

Not bad, you may be thinking. But then partner opens 3NT!

Obviously this is not the old-fashioned 3NT that shows 25 HCP. The most common treatment today is that it's a 7-card minor headed by AKQ with no outside ace or king. If that's the case then making slam probably comes down to partner having one of the missing queens.

Fortunately your agreement is that the bid shows the solid minor with 12-15 HCP as described here.

Making 7NT may require a friendly break in clubs, so you settle for 6NT. That makes with an overtrick as partner's hand is:

♠ Q8
♣ AKQJ1054

Still worth 94% of the matchpoints as most pairs were in a heart contract.
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