Inverted Single Minor Raises

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Inverted Single Minor Raises

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Common wisdom is that the single raise when playing inverted minors denies a four-card major. In my view this rule is not wise as it distorts and complicates auctions when you have for example 6 cards in partner's minor and four cards in a major.

The details of this point of view may be seen in an article that I posted on the Bridge Winners site.

Stated briefly, I prefer that the single raise be treated very much like an auction that starts 1 - 2♣. It promises that this is your longest suit, at least 5 cards, and that you have at least game-invitational values in an unbalanced hand. If you subsequently rebid a major then that is natural and game forcing.

There's also the matter of game-going hands without a side suit. In that case I suggest that either opener or responder may rebid 2NT to create a game force, with the idea that 2NT is not an acceptable contract after the single raise. Subsequent bidding can be natural, showing stoppers if desired with a view to reaching 3NT.
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