Rod's Bidding Ideas

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Rod's Bidding Ideas

Post by rod »

Just thought I'd share some bidding ideas, most of them mine from a previous life :D , in case others find any of them useful.

Here they are.

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Re: Rod's Bidding Ideas

Post by HDZ7 »

Topic - Major suit Raise. Your idea of finding a second suit fit (or a feature) is a good one. I only suggest going through Bergan first to be more simplistic and more easily understood, however drawback is not being able to find a feature in Clubs (I presume if partner bids 3D bergan then you would be in game most of the time, hence I have eliminated that scenario).

Please note that most of my bridge thinking is predominantly based on "good enough" principle to handle majority of scenarios, rather than specific cases. Happy to discuss and share my thoughts.
Happy to share my thoughts and reasoning and also participate in discussions in the spirit of learning and improving. Delighted to be proven wrong since a wrong approach/answer is one step closer to the right one.
Have Fun :)

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