Which singleton?

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Which singleton?

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Here's a deal where partner opened 1♣, RHO bid 2♣ (Michaels) and I ended as declarer in a skinny 3NT.

♠ J63
♣ A87

♠ K82
♣ QJ642

The 9 was led and I put up the 10, coaxing the J from RHO. One bullet dodged!

I'm going to need 4 club tricks and RHO, having advertised 5-5 majors, is likely to have a singleton. But which one? The interesting cases are 9, 10 and K. Starting with a low club from dummy is the only way to handle all of these.

Of course the ♠A needs to be onside as well but chances are pretty good there. I played a diamond to dummy, then a low club (RHO playing the King) and scrambled home with 9 tricks.

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