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Nine Ever

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Perhaps you've heard the bridge maxim "eight ever, nine never"? That refers to the situation where you have an eight or nine card suit and are looking to pick up the Queen. It says you should finesse with eight, or play for the drop with nine.

However with nine the difference in the odds is small. If you have reason to believe one opponent has a long suit then it's better to play that person for a singleton. Other factors can also come into play; consider this deal where you are declarer in 6 and a spade is led.

♠ KQ72
♣ A954

♠ A
♣ K1062

If you don't pick up the Q then your next reasonable chance is to throw two clubs on dummy's spades, ruff a third round of clubs and then throw your diamond loser on the last club.

However if you've played for the Q to drop and it didn't, then you'll have no entry to dummy at the end to cash the club. If you've finessed the second round of hearts and lost, then hearts were 2-2 and you can get to dummy with a trump. Finessing is the right plan.

You can cash either the Ace or King first and then finesse, but starting with the Ace caters to the possibility that RHO has all four hearts.

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