An Ordinary Hand

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An Ordinary Hand

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Here's an everyday kind of deal with multiple points of interest. Vulnerable against not, opponents passing.

♠ K4
♣ KQ6

♠ AJ1072
♣ 9


3NT is OK but usually you want to be in 4 of a major when there is an 8-card fit. This is why New Minor Forcing and Checkback Stayman were invented, and I prefer to play one of those.

Whether playing one of those conventions or not, what does 3 mean? My understanding is that it's simply game forcing with 5+ spades and 4+ hearts, and that partner should have bid 4 instead of passing 3NT. Seems there should be a way to end in 3NT with opener having 2-2 majors, but I'm not aware of any authoritative word on that. How would you and your partner bid this?

The opening lead is a small club, RHO takes the Ace and returns a club. How do you proceed?

If you start by attacking your best suit, hearts, and the Queen is offside then another club will come back and the contract is at risk. Your odds of making are better by attacking Spades first, as you'll have 4 tricks there unless they split 5-1.

But what if you're playing matchpoints? In that case overtricks are everything, and the players in hearts are probably making 10 or 11 tricks. You'll need those extra tricks as well, and starting with spades will use up entries prematurely. Better, I think, to attack hearts first and see what happens.

On the other hand, partner might not fully appreciate your matchpoint genius if you go down in a cold contract. :lol:

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