Rod Plays Bridge

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Rod Plays Bridge

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Contract bridge is without question the greatest card game ever invented. I learned to play in college and immediately became a fan. From roughly 1972 through 1994 I played often in duplicate tournaments, and also being a software developer I developed online bridge software for OKbridge.

Having been mostly away from the game for the past 15 years or so, I've recently started playing again once or twice per week in the Coffs Harbour area. This time though with a more relaxed approach, as I've learned that while a pretty good player I'll never be an expert. It's good to leverage something I know to get out of the house, make some friends and give the old brain some exercise.

I've always been a student of bidding theory, having played and invented a variety of systems and methods. But I'm struck by how little the game has changed over the past 48 years. Technology has intruded a bit with scoring systems and services for online play, but the rules and methods are pretty much the same as always.

I could go on at length but many others have already. If you have questions please ask!

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